Aboriginal Perspectives – Mathematics Workshop/Units (grade 4 & 6)


Aboriginal Perspectives Mathematics Themes
Grade Level: grade 4 and 6
Description: This site is maintained by faculty and students at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, from the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Science and the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program program.
It became an internet site in September, 2009.
Grade Four Mathematics Workshop Themes
1. Red River Cart – Fractions (4 lesson plans)
2. Beads – Numeration, Patterns and Relations, Multiplication, Division (5 lesson plans)
3. Fur Trade – Sums Differences, Decimals, Statistics and Probability (3 lesson plans)
4. Metis Sash -Weaving, Shape and Space (2 lesson plans)
5. Star Quilt – Decimals and Fractions and Patterns (2 lesson plans)
6. Birch Bark Biting – Symmetry (1 lesson plan)
7. Games – Bar Graphs, Prediction (2 lesson plans)
8. Parfleche -Statistics, Area, Symmetry, prisms (3 lesson plans)

Grade Six Mathematics Lesson Plans

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