AAMT Make it Count website

MICI developed the Make it Count site during 2013 based on the great work of eight clusters of schools from around Australia. I was National Manager, IndigenousPrograms for the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and managed the Closing the Gap project funded by the Australian government. Helping was my colleague Melinda Pearson. Between the two of us, we managed to create this resource which features:


 5 x tip sheets to improving maths outcomes of Aboriginal students

These 5 x tip sheets were developed from the AAMT Special Interest Conference, Numeracy, mathematics and Indigenous learners we ran in 2012 and can be downloaded from the Make it count website.

  1. Community and school engagement pdf 592 kB
  2. Leadership for school change pdf 640 kB
  3. Pedagogy and classroom practices pdf pdf 640 kB
  4. Research pdf 730 kB
  5. Professional learning pdf 800 kB.


 9 days of maths in the KimberleyKimberley

Click here to go to the blog written during this adventure.

Also developed from this trip is the resource for teachers Mathematics teaching in the Kimberley: Advancing professional conversations by Caty Morris and Sue Thomas. Draws parallels between Make It Count and schools in the Kimberley region (PDF 1.3mb).


Interactive numeracies: Maths situations in everyday family and community life

A resource for Years 3 – TAFE. The problem solving tasks are the tip of the iceberg – teachers can take the learning as deep as their students want to go. The Interactive Numeracies resource is full of numeracy situations translated to the mathematics classroom. Discusses topics such as: what is numeracy, a numerate student, contextual teaching strategies around family organisation, shopping and socialising.



Footy Trip and Numeracy Circles

Below is a set of lessons based on Footy trip from the Interactive Numeracies resource mentioned above which I used as the basis for Numeracy Circles (similar to Literacy Circles but for maths!). Students take on different roles in the problem solving process and learn to problem solve collaboratively while also learning to think like a mathematician.

Download Footy Trip and set of lessons Numeracy circles.

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